Industrial Pump Service

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Industrial Pump Service and Repair: reliable, convenient and with minimum down-time

When you take your valuable industrial pump offline for service, we offer you;

  • Support managing transport to and from our convenient Williamstown location
  • Confidence that it will be returned in As New condition & warrantied for 3 months
  • The quickest possible turnaround to maintain productivity
  • Optional Hire pump while in service should you need one to maintain continuity
  • Assistance if needed to re-install on completion

Highly skilled & qualified team

  • Pump fitters
  • Boilermakers
  • Fitter and turners
  • Machinists
  • Welders
  • Testing engineers


Trusted and reliable

Trusted and reliable Long-term relationships, built with clients over 6 decades attest to our reputation for reliability, quality, fair dealing and expertise.


Call 03 92120275 now to book your service

Call 03 92120275 now to book your service

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    Fast turnaround

    Most services can be completed in 3 working days (excluding any time required to freight replacement parts should they be required).

    If your pump is providing a critical service, we can arrange for a hire replacement for the period yours will be offline.

    On completion of the service, our team can assist in managing return freight and even re-installation if needed.

    Before you know it your valuable pump will be back on line, doing whet it was designed to do.