Mining & Quarrying Dewatering

As pressures build on the mining industry, Link Pumps is the right partner for your mining or quarrying dewatering needs. At Link Pumps we design and build our own pumping equipment, with 56 years of experience engineering and operating mine and quarry dewatering systems that maximize efficiency and productivity and lower operating costs.

Link pumps offer a complete program for mining or quarrying water solutions, from design to installation and operation, above or below-ground. Our hire fleet is equipped with electric and diesel-powered pumps, offering a wide range of flows, pressures and construction materials. We also specialise in hydro-fracturing pumpsets to meet the most demanding conditions of mining or quarrying operations. With a broad portfolio of dependable products and services, built up over 50 years, both in Australia and internationally; you can rely on Link Pumps for;

  • Emergency Floodwater Drainage
  • Face & Stage Dewatering
  • Open Pit & Underground Drainage
  • Process Water Supply
  • Slurry Tailings Removal


Specialist Mining Applications: Hydro-fracturing

Hydro-fracturing is a mining process patented by the CSIRO that involves injecting water under high pressure into a bedrock formation containing valuable ore. This is intended to create and propagate bedrock fractures, and requires pressures as high as 10,000 psi and flow rates as high as 375 litres per minute. By repeating this process in the right amount and orientation, a process known as preconditioning, miners achieve controlled caving of the ore body. This has proven to be a superior technique compared to traditional blasting, both in occupational safety and mining costs, which are the pillars supporting the viability of modern mines.

Link Pumps has supported CSIRO and several mining operators by engineering, manufacturing and testing vanguard hydro-fracturing pumpsets equipped with extensive automation controls required for their efficient and effective operation. Our expertise can be deployed to tailor the right pumping package to suit your needs.