Sewerage and Drainage

Rapid population growth is placing increasing pressure and demands on existing aging sewerage and drainage infrastructure.

As property development grows to meet housing demand in most Australian cities and towns, repair, maintenance and new infrastructure capital work is increasing at a rapid rate.

Link Pumps has over 50 years’ experience supplying pumps and equipment for sewer bypass and drainage maintenance work.

Whether your project or facility is large or small, you can depend on our expertise to develop and implement a solution to support your requirements.

At Link Pumps we have extensive experience at assisting Operations Teams so we also can help your operations Team with on demand solutions to keep your plant in operation.

We understand that rising maintenance costs, budgetary constraints and growing consumer infrastructure demands are significant challenges for water and wastewater operators, so if you need short term or long term hire solutions we are here to help.

Link Pumps has a solid reputation built over 50+ years of undertaking complex engineering setups that require complete reliability while meeting EPA and Water Authorities’ standards of environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

We not only hire pumps, we work with you to engineer the right solution for your needs, as we are not aligned to selling or using specific pump manufacturers brands we.